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Lymphedema is a chronic condition

For people with lymphedema, compression and exercise are vitally important. Lymphedema is a chronic condition that causes lymphatic fluid to build up in affected areas of the body.Some folks with lymphedema end up with severely swollen legs, arms, or feet. Lymphedema is not a problem to be treated lightly or ignored. When ignored, dozens of pounds of fluid can build up in the body, causing the skin to stretch severely and leading to grave discomfort. Disfigurement, ulcers, infections, and, in rare cases, cancer can ensue.

Increasing the circulation of lymph and counteracting fluid build-up are extremely important. Fortunately, we at ContourMD, a division of American West Medical Company, carry a line of compression garments designed to help you fight your condition in a comfortable, easy, and affordable manner. We carry affordable compression gauntlets and arm sleeves for those whose condition affects their upper limbs, and stockings, knee-highs, pantyhose, and socks for those whose condition affects their lower limbs.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Lymphedema Compression Sleeve

A lymphedema compression sleeve is considered necessary for the treatment of
A standard medical lymphedema pump is considered necessary for the treatment of complex
lymphedema when there is a failure of a four-week trial of conservative medical management
EVERYTHING, including the following:
• Home exercise program
• limbs height
• compression bandaging or compression garments use
When lymphedema pump, it was deemed necessary medical accordance with the above
criteria following lymphedema pumps are considered medical need:

Lymphedema Compression Stockings research or unverified and not medical necessity.

General History
Lymphedema is that the lymphatic system as a result of the transport and accumulation of lymphatic
edema fluid in the soft tissues. Under normal circumstances, in the lymph system regulates tissue fluid
by maintaining a balance between the equilibrium tissue fluid filtration and absorption. This is achieved
through the drainage of excess fluid containing protein, lipids, micro-organisms and cells from debris
fabrics with fluid filtered and returned to the blood stream. Primary lymphedema is the result
congenital defects in the lymph system and is rare. Secondary lymphedema is acquired and in connection with
the obstruction or interruption in the lymphatic system. In the United States, the most common causes
lymphedema is cancer or treatment-related cancer. Patients undergoing surgery for breast cancer.

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