Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lymphedema is a chronic condition

For people with lymphedema, compression and exercise are vitally important. Lymphedema is a chronic condition that causes lymphatic fluid to build up in affected areas of the body.Some folks with lymphedema end up with severely swollen legs, arms, or feet. Lymphedema is not a problem to be treated lightly or ignored. When ignored, dozens of pounds of fluid can build up in the body, causing the skin to stretch severely and leading to grave discomfort. Disfigurement, ulcers, infections, and, in rare cases, cancer can ensue.

Increasing the circulation of lymph and counteracting fluid build-up are extremely important. Fortunately, we at ContourMD, a division of American West Medical Company, carry a line of compression garments designed to help you fight your condition in a comfortable, easy, and affordable manner. We carry affordable compression gauntlets and arm sleeves for those whose condition affects their upper limbs, and stockings, knee-highs, pantyhose, and socks for those whose condition affects their lower limbs.

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